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The Czech Jazz Workshop

is a seven-day international intensive jazz course intended for all musicians, whether they be beginners or advanced players, that want to get inspiration, improve their instrumental, vocal and improvisatory abilities and will appreciate meeting other students and top musicians.

The system of teaching is aimed both at acquiring theoretical knowledge and at getting to use practically whilst playing in the ensembles. During the morning instrumental and vocal lessons, the following instrumental courses are offered: saxophone, trombone, trumet, flute, vocals, piano, guitar, double bass, bass guitar and drums. In the afternoon ensemble classes, the students are divided into bands in which they are led by a lecturer to choose a repertoir and practice playing together and communicating within the band. All of this is then put into practice at the evening jam sessions and final concert.

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Czech Jazz Contest (previously Junior Jazz)

is an international competition of young jazz bands and soloists under 30 years of age.The final round of Junior Jazz was for many years run as part of the Jazz & Blues Festival in Ústí nad Labem. Since 2009, Prague has hosted Junior Jazz. The jury, made up of members of the CJS executive, chooses 4–5 ensembles from recordings, and those then take part in the final competition concert.

The list of chairmen of the jury for Junior Jazz includes such notable figures as Hal Garper, Karel Růžička, Antonín Gondolán, Najponk, František Kop, Osian Roberts, Randy Napoleon or Freddy Cole.

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